Best tips for traveling as couple

Traveling as couple? Why not?

Here are the best tips if you want to take a couple trip this summer according to Villa Giulia – Sicilian Luxury Garden.

There are things that can only be learned after traveling for a long time as couple. For this reason, we have collected some advice from our guest, friends and parents.

If you are planning a trip as couple, keep reading, they will make your trip more enjoyable!

The first tip is “less is better” when you pack. The old saying “You can only wear one pair of jeans at a time” is extraordinarily true, moreover, your favorite pair of jeans will always be your favorite even when you’re traveling. Bring the essential, especially if you want to move from city to city and you can’t risk having too much luggage.

Are you looking for adventures? Don’t plan everything all right.
Leave the lists from time to time. This is our second suggestion if you travel alone as couple, the pleasure of traveling in two is this: being able to decide freely what you want to do.

Don’t be afraid to make new friends because traveling as couple, means getting to know new people. If you are not a very sociable person, our third tip is to throw you sometimes.

There is no right or wrong.
This is our fourth tip. Very often there are experiences that are defined “only for tourists” and that if you are a real traveler you should not do, but it is not always like that. As we said, there is no right or wrong there is only what you want to do and that brings you joy.

Take lots of photos
Very often traveling as couple means having anyone who takes photos. Reviewing those places when you come back home, will be useful to give you back the strength to leave as couple for another adventure.

Our list of tips ends here, but in the coming weeks we will publish many other articles like this that we are sure you will appreciate.

Did you like these tips? We hope you’ll find it useful if you decide to travel as couple this summer.

The doors of our villa are open, if you could think of jumping here, we will give you the right tips to visit Sicily, a perfect island for those who love traveling as couple.

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